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“Learning expands great souls.” 

- Namibian proverb

About the Scholarship Initiative of Grace (SIG)

The Scholarship Initiative of Grace (SIG)  seeks to help alleviate the financial impediment to higher education for scholars who participate in the Ministry of College and Career Alliance (MOCCA), a Grace mentoring program.      

Rooted in the conviction that an educated society is essential to a healthy community, the Scholarship  Initiative provides four-year scholarship awards to scholars enrolled as full-time undergraduate students in accredited institutions of higher learning.  We help scholars realize their goal of higher education.  

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  

For over twenty years, The Scholarship Initiative has raised funds to provide scholarship awards to qualified full-time college students who are associated with the MOCCA mentoring program and who are pursuing higher education degrees at accredited colleges and universities across the United States and abroad. 

Today, we support over 80 college scholars.  


Mrs. Inez Richardson, a philanthropist and youth advocate, had a vision to equip young people from the Grace Baptist Church community with the skills, knowledge, and experience they needed to succeed in high school and college.  That vision led to the Ministry of College and Career Alliance (MOCCA) and became a comprehensive mentoring program that provides support services for high school graduates in pursuit of higher education.

MOCCA (Ministry of College and Career Alliance) is a comprehensive enrichment program for high school graduates in pursuit of higher education.  Centered at Grace in the City of Mount Vernon, NY, MOCCA serves many students who are the first in their family to pursue a college degree and many without the financial resources they need to do so.  For 39 years, MOCCA has worked to promote ethical leadership and education, provides individual mentors, and equips scholars with the tools required to compete and win in today’s competitive environment.